Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered in the FAQs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is Simba’s policy on cancellations?

Cancellations are a difficult affair for both us and prospective customers. We therefore try to approach it with a ‘common sense’ attitude. You must be aware that there is a financial implication to cancelling a trip at the last minute as all of our set costs are the same and we only take a maximum of 16 adult customers. We also pre-book many of the activities undertaken on the day of your trip, all of which are non refundable.

If you cancel due to sickness and we are unable to place you on another trip, you can go to the doctors and obtain a medical certificate. We can then issue you with a receipt for the money paid to Simba, all of which can be claimed back from the majority of holiday insurance providers. If we decide to cancel due to bad weather, we will have done so taking into consideration the groups safety and that of the vessel as well as predicted weather forecasts and satellite images. In this instance your deposit will be refunded in full if an alternative date cannot be found.

*In the event that you are a ‘no-show’ on the morning of your trip, for whatever reason, the full balance of your trip is due. A driver will be sent to your hotel to pick this up.

*If you have booked a group of guests and one or more does not show on the morning of the trip, the person who booked the trip will be required to pay the full balance.

Cancellation Policy : Please read.

By advancing your deposit to Simba Sea trips, you therefore agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions.

Cancellations within 5 days of the trip, a ‘no show’ or missed departure due to late arrival of self-arranged transport will result in 100% of the total cost will be charged. This means the full cost of the trip or trips booked. You would not only lose the deposit you would be required to pay the balance stated on the confirmation email.

In the case of sickness we will try to move you to an alternative date, but the cancellation policy still stands and the full balance amount is due on the booked trip day. As we limit the number of guests on each trip we do get fully booked and a reschedule may not be possible.

If Simba company cancel a trip and can not reschedule during your time in Phuket we will refund all deposits.


How do I Book a Simba trip?

1. Complete the booking / enquiry form that can be found on the Booking Page or alternatively click on the ‘Book This Tour’ button found on each tour page.

2. Once we have accepted your booking request you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions on how to pay the deposit via PayPal. Please note your booking is not guaranteed until payment of the deposit has been received.

3. We will make email contact 2 – 3 days prior to your tour date to confirm room details and pick-up time.

Will I get seasick?

As a general rule, most people do not get seasick on our boats. However if you suffer badly from motion sickness, we do offer you seasickness tablets in the morning. It is advisable to take these at least one hour before the trip if you already have some. If you suffer from severe seasickness, then perhaps reconsider booking a boat tour.

How many people do you take on your tour?

We take a maximum of 16 adults per tour. Although the Simba boats are licensed for up to 26 people, it has always been our aim to take few people on the boat to make your trip more personal, enjoyable and safer.

What is the weather like in monsoon season?

The monsoon season in Phuket does bring about stronger winds, bigger swells and a higher chance of rain, but it also means less tourists! Before we undertake any of our trips, whether in the dry or monsoon season, we check the tides, swell chart, satellite images and weather reports. if we feel there is any danger to you, our boat or us we will cancel the trip as early as possible. Simba will cancel a trip if they feel anyone’s safety is compromised. Because of the pattern of weather in monsoon season we typically only run Phang Nga Bay tours during May to September as the bay is more protected from the elements and generally has smaller average swells. The concept of ‘safety first’ is extremely important to us.

Does Simba have insurance?

Yes, Simba has limited accident insurance for all registered guests aged b/w 1yr and 75yr years. Guests over 70 years old guests need to arrange their own insurance cover. For any cover to be valid we MUST have your correct name and age, for all booked guests in your group, as per passports. We also have a valid TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) license and our tour guides are licensed . However, we are not insured for pregnant women and are not comfortable booking them as speed boats can and do bounce around in rough seas. No personal belongings such as cameras and iPhones are covered by our insurance, so please avoid dropping them over board.

Are there English speaking tour guides?

Yes, Simba always has English speaking tour guides onboard.

Are the tours suitable for young children and infants?

Yes, all our trips are suitable for children (3-12 years) and they will enjoy themselves throughout the day. However, if you have younger children, think about it as it can be a very long hot day for them. We also do not have a storage area for prams/strollers etc. Please note we can insure down to 1yr of age.

Please note each tour will involve a number of deep water swimming stops and accordingly it is very important that you commit to looking after your child whilst in the water, particularly if they are not confident swimmers. The crew and guide have a responsibility to monitoring all passengers whilst in the water and cannot devote themselves to anyone group.

If I have a back problem or other health issues will it be okay to undertake the tour?

This is a very difficult question for us to answer, as we do not personally know your health issue and are not doctors. If you have any mobility issues maybe this is not a trip for you, as you will have to climb up and down ladders and on and off the boat. If you have severe medical conditions (back pain etc), please seek your doctor’s advice before booking a trip. Only you can tell whether you are capable of undertaking this trip.

If I can’t swim will I still enjoy the tour?

We do often have non-swimmers onboard all the various trips we do. Phang Nga involves more sightseeing, cave exploring and canoeing so it has a little more action for non-swimmers. Yet Phi-Phi also involves sightseeing and stopping at magical island so you can explore from the safety of solid ground! For those adventurous yet maybe weak swimmers, we can provide life jackets, floating buoys and harnesses and even hold your hand through the whole experience. We also try to select snorkeling spots that are protected and don’t have strong currents.

If I am pregnant can I undertake the tour?

If you are pregnant it is not advisable to undertake tours on speedboats for medical reasons. Our insurance company will not cover any pregnant women and accordingly we are not comfortable booking pregnant ladies.

Is there snorkeling on the Phang Nga Bay tour?

There are no visible reefs on Phang Nga Bay so unfortunately not. On our Phang Nga and Beyond tour, we look to do an ‘introductory’ snorkel in the afternoon.

The snorkelling is not guaranteed however, it depends on visibility, the weather and the swell.

Are there any additional costs on your tour?

There are no additional costs on a Simba tour. However we do stop at some places where there will be a bar, so if you would like an alcoholic beverage you may purchase one yourself. Tipping is customary but not obligatory around Phuket, so if you would like to show your gratitude for our Thai staff there will be a tip box at the end of the day.

What do we need to bring on the boat?

As most things are provided for you onboard, we ask you to travel as lightly as possible. We suggest that you dress for a day at the beach (bathers, shorts t-shirt and flip flops or sandals). Bring with you a hotel towel, sunscreen, camera and some cash to pay for the balance of the trip. Please do not bring big bags on the boat as we simply do not have space to store them.

How do I get to Royal Phuket Marina if I am making my own way there?

Simba is on Google Maps.

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