Why Are Simba Tours More Expensive Than Most?

You will find cheaper tours in Phuket but we are priced at the top end for many good reasons.

We aim to run the highest quality speed boat tours in Phuket and the core of our business model (smallest groups, no cutting of corners on quality of tour experience and safety) means we have a much higher cost base person than most, if not all, other operators. We don’t take short-cuts on food (no ‘curry-in-a-bag’ picnics at Simba), we don’t earn commissions from any of the souvenir vendors on the islands, we don’t cram our transfer mini-vans full and we certainly don’t hide costs from you (national park fees and snorkel ‘rental’ are common offenders).

Many tour companies in Phuket will take your photo just before departure for ‘insurance’ purposes. Don’t believe it –  just a ploy to sell you an over-priced photo after the tour. We don’t seek to boost our profits through pressuring you to buy photos, DVDs and coffee mugs.

Simba has an enviable safety record and maintaining this reputation is at the absolute core of what we do. Our small group policy allows our boat crew to provide superior monitoring whilst you are in the water, we have 100% control over our boat maintenance (we own our boats) and we are one of very few operators to not go to Phi Phi for our join-in tours during monsoon season (mid-May to mid October). The Phi Phi strategy is a very expensive business decision for us but one we confidently make to ensure safety and customer experience remains the top priority at Simba.

Smallest Tour Groups in Phuket

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