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SIMBA SEA TRIPS – Beat the crowds

 Simba Sea Trips has been Australian owned and managed from it’s conception in 2005, to offer exclusive island excursions for tourists visiting Phuket. We had heard so many disappointing stories of people crammed onto old boats like cattle who had not been given the experience they had been promised. We aspired to change all this by providing visitors with the best tours in Phuket.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide our guests with the best tours Phuket has to offer
  • Provide a safe and fun day out on the water
  • The best tours from Phuket require the best boats available, and the team at Simba Sea Trips provide a fabulous range of vessels
  • Contribute to the local economy
  • Sustain the local ecology – and ensure that nothing is left behind

We have a passion for the sea and the beautiful islands that surround Phuket. The boat crew is made up of local Thai’s, many of whom come from the local regions including Phang Nga and Krabi. We have a good working relationship with all the crew, which stems from us, the owners, respecting their knowledge of local cultures and sea conditions. We also understand the importance of sustaining this truly magnificent ecological wonder, not only for our sake but for the generations who have not yet seen it. We consider our mission a success when our guests walk away satisfied that they have experienced one of the best island tours in Phuket.

Maximum Passenger Numbers Policy

Simba has long prided itself on operating and committing to the lowest passenger numbers per boat of any speedboat operator, not only in Phuket but across Thailand. We believe that low passenger numbers are an important factor in making the Simba tour experience superior to any other speedboat tour in Phuket.

Over the course of a typical 12-month season we average just under 14 people per boat. This includes adults and children and we are very confident no other operator in Phuket will ever match such low numbers. Indeed, it is unlikely they could even determine what their average load is! Incidentally we average 1 child per tour.

  • Simba 7, 8 and 9: 18  adults (licensed to 26) These boats are configured in a VIP club seating format and are commonly used on our Phi Phi Sunrise tours. We are the only tour company in Thailand conducting tours on a high quality boat such as this, that has a far superior viewing position. Perfect for taking in the stunning scenery.


Please be aware that Phuket tour operators are increasingly using the ‘small group’ descriptor for tours that take 25 – 30 passengers, nearly a 100% increase on Simba’s policy!







From Australia, Stewart grew up in Gippsland, Victoria and moved to Thailand after a 20 year career in Corporate Banking in Australia (based in Melbourne). Notwithstanding a long banking career he has a long history running businesses in the wine & craft beer sectors and has a strong appreciation for the importance of a ‘quality not quantity’ approach to high quality consumer products and services.

He has a very strong belief that a focus on quality extends to reputation and safety. It is his top priority to ensure customer experience is paramount at Simba.”

Andrea Chappell is Simba’s private charter consultant. She helps guests determine which tour will be the perfect to suit their needs and desires and create lifetime memories.

Prior to joining the Simba team, Andrea ran and owned her own wedding planning company based in Phuket. The knowledge gained through that means that Andrea is very experienced with catering to customer’s needs and has extensive knowldge regarding the Phuket boat tours locations. In addition to that, Andrea has lived in Phuket for 8 years and Hong Kong prior to that.

In both locations, Andrea owned and lived on boats and is passionate about the sea and exploring hidden locations.



Simba’s tour guides are simply the best you will find on the island. They possess exceptional English, experience, knowledge and provide outstanding service. They are what make Simba Sea Trips deliver on their promise to provide the best tours in Phuket. Simba’s tour guides also endeavour to enrich your experience more broadly. Feel free to ask them for assistance or questions all day, they are more than happy to help! Below is a little information about our staff, many of whom you may have already met.



The key to providing our guests with the best boat tours Phuket has to offer starts with the exceptional range of boats at our disposal, that ferry visitors to each and every tour location. Our featured range includes:

SIMBA Tour Boats

Our tour boats Simba 7,8 and 9 are all modern, Seat 359  fibreglass speedboats, powered by two quiet, and emissions friendly Honda Marine 250hp 4-stroke engines.  We are the only company in Thailand that operates this superior style of boat that features a club-seating  layout and is specifically designed for sightseeing tours, not just people movers like all other tour operators in Phuket. They are 12 metres long and three-quarters of their length are under-canopy for shade. For the convenience of passengers, there is also a toilet and freshwater shower onboard.

Our tour boats are  licensed to carry upto 26 passengers, though we only ever carry a maximum of 18 adults on each tour.

All Simba boats are maintained and cleaned daily to impeccable standards, and exceed all local and international safety standards.

Simba 6 Sealine

SIMBA X ‘Helicopter’

‘Simba Helicopter’ is from the UK luxury boat company Sealine, and this model having won Boating magazine’s motor boat of the year award in 2009, has earned a top reputation for an abundance of on-board space for a 35 footer.  She is very tastefully decorated throughout with a luxurious interior…. the colour palette is warm, with natural stylish tones.