How many people do you take on your tour?

30 Jul

How many people do you take on your tour?

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Simba has long prided itself on committing to the lowest passenger numbers per boat of any speedboat operator, not only in Phuket but across Thailand.

We believe that low passenger numbers are an important factor in making the Simba tour experience superior to any other speedboat tour in Phuket.

Over the course of a typical 12-month season we average just under 14 people per boat. This includes adults and children and we are very confident no other operator in Phuket will ever match such low numbers. Indeed, it is unlikely they could even determine what their average load is! Incidentally we average 1 child per tour.

We have recently changed our policy on maximum passenger numbers to ensure that each boat type in the Simba fleet has an appropriate passenger number limit. We are making this change to reflect the fact Simba 5, 6 and 7 (commonly used on the Phi Phi Sunrise tours) are somewhat bigger than Simba 3 (commonly used for Phang Nga Bay) and accordingly can absorb a slightly bigger passenger load with no impact on comfort. This is clearly evident through the higher permitted passenger numbers as per each boat licence.

Simba 3: 14 – 16 adults (licenced to 26)

Simba 5: 16 – 18 adults (licenced to 30)

Simba 6: 17 – 18 adults (licenced to 33)

Simba 7: 16 – 20 adults (licenced to 26)

Please be aware that tour operators are increasingly using the ‘small group’ descriptor for tours that take 25 – 30 passengers, nearly a 100% increase on Simba’s policy!