Tour not shown on a particular date

03 Sep

Tour not shown on a particular date

Posted by: admin

Our website booking page, shows 100% real time seat availability on all of our tours currently scheduled to run.

There can be several reasons you cannot see your desired tour on a particular date such as:

  • The tour is already sold out
  • There may be insufficient demand to run each tour type every day  (this applies to Low Season mostly)
  • Insufficient resources to run that tour with our current tour offerings on that date

If you are able to request far enough in advance, we may be able to schedule a tour for you if it’s not already available.

At short notice, we are generally unable to schedule an additional tour on your preferred date unless your group size is 6 or more for boat tours, or 5 or more for the Khao Sok National Park tour.

This is due to us having minimum required numbers for a tour to take place, as we need some time to sell additional spots on the tour to other guests.