Five Things to do in Phuket when it Rains

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19 Sep

Five Things to do in Phuket when it Rains

Posted by: Simba Sea Trips

If you happen to be in Phuket when it’s rainy season then you’ll definitely need to check out this list for some alternative things to do when it’s raining. Here’s some of our favourite things to do.

palm trees blowing in the rain

1 – Simba Sea Trips’ Jungle Tour

This land based tour is definitely THE tour to do when it’s raining. The rain just adds to the mood and the clouds make it look like you are entering the Jurassic era when on the lake. There is a fair bit of time spent in the comfortable van enjoying the scenery. We stop at a few temples along the way and check out some monkeys too before arriving at the lake.

2 – Simba Sea Trips’ Phang Nga Bay Tour

Phang Nga Bay is a pretty special area as it is very protected and quite often has different weather patterns to that of Phuket and Phi Phi. More often then not, it can be raining in Phuket and dry in Phang Nga Bay. Even if it does rain it’s rarely a problem and a good part of this tour is spent exploring caves and canoeing through caves to get into sheltered hongs.

3 – Shopping at new Central Floresta

This brand new shopping centre just opened in September 2018 and if very fancy by Phuket standards. It resembles some of the fancy shopping malls in Bangkok. You could easily spend half a day strolling the shops in the new or old Central. In October there will be a new exciting experience opening up.

4 – Thai Cooking Class

There are several Thai cooking classes available but one of our favourites is Pum’s cooking school. Pum will take you to the local fresh food market and discuss the different herbs, vegetables and spices. Once you’ve trapesed thorough the market you then go back to the school and cook up a storm. The best part is eating your own delicious food once you are done.

5 – Ice Skating

Check out Ice Area in Boat Lagoon for some freezing fun. They have all the equipment you need for a great day on the ice. It does get very cold in there though so you may have to rent one of their jackets if you didn’t bring one on holiday. They have a great restaurant and bar upstairs which serves a great Sunday roast if you happen to be there then.