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Koh Hong, Railay Beach & Centara Resort


The Krabi Island Tour - Simba’s New Journey Location!

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Join Simba Sea Trips on the recently added Krabi Island tour! Increasingly we have found that returning Simba customers are yearning for more. That is why we have created an exciting new travel adventure. The Krabi Island tour provides an unforgettable experience to our guests by offering tours to the islands of Krabi, some of the most alluring locations that your holiday in Phuket has to offer! If you are looking for a tour that will offer you a relaxing showcase of the beauty of the area of Krabi, then this is the tour for you. As a guest on our tour, you will, not only visit some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the Krabi region, but you’ll also be afforded the opportunity to escape the crowds. Since these islands and places are some of the most beautiful locations in Thailand, it is natural that they are being visited by huge crowds, but not with Simba Sea Trips. With our tour, you will escape the huge crowds by leaving earlier. The advantage is the chance to soak in the area in absolute serenity, while also having the chance to take part in fun activities that guests of other tour operators often don’t get the chance to do.

The sensational Krabi location

Renowned for its majestic limestone cliffs, heavenly isles, and glorious mangrove forests, Krabi is a coveted Thai tourist destination. While the driving distance from Phuket to the Krabi islands exceeds 180 kms, journeying to this glorious region by boat requires traveling a much smaller distance of approximately 50 kms. Not only does a Krabi Island tour get you there quicker, but it also gets you there much, much earlier, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the magnificent surrounds of the region in the absence of sizeable crowds. The ideal tour is one that is both enjoyable and relaxing. No one enjoys paying for island tours and getting stuck fighting for space on the sand. That is why we are committed to providing a high-quality, personable and relaxed experience for everyone that joins us for one of our Krabi Island Tours.


Krabi Island Tour

Tour Overview

Krabi Boat tours cover all the key sites, including the beautiful rock formations at Koh Hong Krabi, the vivid green waters of the nearby Hong Lagoon, snorkeling at Chicken Island, the truly stunning Railay Beach and equally impressive Centara Resort. Revitalise your spirit with our Krabi tour, with breathtaking views and locations that forge memories that last a lifetime. The natural beauty of the islands we visit creates an experience that you will never forget.

To give you the very best experience, our tour is very flexible. Factors such as the tide, avoiding the tourist swarm and giving you a day to remember, will all affect the order in which the program operates.

Stop 1

Koh Hong Island Tour

Spectacular golden sand and sparkling water

The adventure starts on our first island destination. Koh Hong is our first stop and is approximately 40 min by boat from our departure point at Royal Phuket Marina. The Koh Hong Island tour provides our guests with an early swimming stop in the small bay and also offers stunning photo opportunities (the first of many). The spectacular views of the island are guaranteed to take your breath away….and it’s only the beginning of the Krabi island tour.

Stop 2

Hong Lagoon

The Krabi tour Lagoon stop

Next, on our Krabi tour, we visit Hong Lagoon. Nearby Hong Lagoon is famous for its stunning setting and is illuminated by gorgeous turquoise colored water. Here, we take the boat on a 10 - 15 min lap of the Lagoon. The merge point of the lagoon and the island is simply breathtaking. The visual experience formed when you are at the lagoon is spectacular, since the island engulfs the beautiful crystal waters, creating amazing opportunities for you to take amazing pictures that are guaranteed to be postcard worthy. This island is one of the most beautiful locations in Krabi and you can experience this all for yourself once you arrive at the lagoon.

Stop 3

Snorkeling at Chicken Island

Take a dive in the crystal island waters

Another famous spectacular island experience, as long as tide & sea conditions allow for it, we will select the best site for snorkeling around the famous Chicken Island. It is usually quiet here even at 10 am and we typically will only have long tail boats for company. At this stunning setting, there is an abundance of tropical fish that will join you as you snorkel your way around the island. This tour stop also gives you the opportunity to witness the interesting rock formation at the edge of the island that resembles that of a giant chicken.

Stop 4

Phranang Cave Beach

Experience Simba management's favourite beach in Thailand. Marvel at the most majestic cliffs and caves overhanging this spectacular beach.

Stop 5

Railay Beach

Stroll, Swim and Snap away at Krabi’s most memorable beach

This beach is one of the absolute highlights of the Krabi Island tour. We will likely spend half an hour at the main Railay Beach (West beach) where you’ll be able to take a lovely stroll on the sun-drenched beach, or swim in the crystal clear blue water surrounding this location. Railay Beach is one of the most memorable postcard locations to take some magnificent photos. Rest assured, the island scenery is as beautiful as you’ve seen in the photos.

Stop 6

Lunch - Centara Resort

Island flavours combined with the spectacular views of Krabi

It’s time to have a taste of the Krabi island flavours. Lunch at this beautiful resort is, without doubt, one of the major highlights of this tour. A typical lunch at Centara includes delicious menu items, including spring Rolls, fried chicken wrapped in Pandanus leaf, fried chicken with cashew nuts & dried chilli, sauteed seasonal vegetables, green curry chicken & jungle peas , and fried fish with sweet chili sauce. In addition, Simba Sea Trip guests are also able to use the pool before and after lunch. Expand your flavour horizons with the amazing taste of the islands while also taking some time to relax and continue on with the rest of the tour.

Stop 7

Coconut Cape

A relaxing conclusion to the island tour

To conclude our Krabi Island tour we finish off with a visit to one of the most magical locations amongst the islands. To break up the journey back to Royal Phuket Marina we make a 40 minute stop at 'Coconut Cape', a favourite amongst many of our tour guests from the 'Phang Nga & Beyond' tour. Here, guests are provided with a perfect location to relax, while refuelling on fruit and snacks after a busy day of activities. The perfect way to cap off our tour and send our guests home happy and nourished!


The Krabi Island Tour – Koh Hong, Railay Beach & Centara Resort includes…

  • Free transfers from all recognised hotels in the Kata / Karon / Patong/ Kamala/Surin/Bangtao area (we may be required to pass on surcharges for pick-ups in other areas; details provided at the time of booking)
  • National Park fees
  • Locally sourced, fresh Thai food for lunch.
  • Soft drinks, water, fresh fruit and snacks
  • Light breakfast and afternoon tea
  • National Park Fees

Create memories that you will remember forever with the Krabi island tour

As a company, we have made it our purpose to offer unforgettable experiences to our users and memories that will last a lifetime. Our island tour is designed to offer the visitors some of Krabi’s best offerings and leave the most spectacular memories of the island with our visitors forever. Our well-organized boat tours, together with the natural beauty of the Krabi islands create the best tour experience imaginable for our guests. And best of all is undertaken in the absence of the large crowds normally found in these incredibly popular tourist attractions. The tours are designed in a manner that ensures the heavy crowd periods are avoided thus offering our guests the most positive experience imaginable.

Don’t miss the chance to join us on our new Krabi Island tour! This wonderful travel experience includes visits to Hong Lagoon, Chicken Island, Railay Beach and much more. Now the only thing between you and a memorable Krabi Islands experience is a seat on one of our boats!

Commonly asked questions about Krabi Island

How do you get to Krabi Island?

You can reach Krabi Island by direct buses that are opperating daily from Bangkok or by caching a bus between Phuket and Krabi. If you decide to take direct bus from the Southern Bus Terminal, Bangkok it usually takes around 10 hours to reach Krabi. If you catch the daily buses plying between Phuket and Krabi it usually takes 3-4 hours.

How many days do you need in Krabi?

"A 2-3 day stay in Krabi should be enough for you to explore and do things. For example, Krabi island hopping is one of the favorite activities to engage in while in Krabi and can take up almost a full day of your stay."

How much is island hopping in Krabi?

"If you decide to take island hopping tour in Krabi it will cost you about 800 to 2000 baht per person, depending whether you take a speed boad tour or a longtail boat tour. "