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Simba Sea Trips Phi Phi Island Tour is the best way to discover the Phi Phi islands. The Phi Phi Islands are an ultimate sightseeing location when on a visit to Thailand! Six sensational islands make up this beautiful and world famous location, situated in the southeast Andaman Sea. The islands of Phi Phi have some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

We provide you with the chance to see everything you desire with speedboat tours designed to beat the crowds and allow you to experience Phi Phi islands the way they are meant to be experienced.

We concentrate our Phi Phi island exploration on the two main islands that are world famous for their natural beauty and magnificent underwater scenery. Phi Phi Don, the largest island, has been a Mecca for people diving and snorkeling Phi Phi for well over 30 years. Phi Phi Leh island is the smaller of the two main islands and is a highly desirable location for Maya Bay tours, the location where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed.

During our Phi Phi Island Tour you will have the chance to dive in the crystal clear waters of the islands as well! Alongside other activities in the Phi Phi Islands that will create an experience that you are likely to never forget.

Experience the most magnificent Phi Phi Island speedboat trip today!

Tour Overview

Tour the beautiful islands surrounding Phuket

*Update on Maya Bay restrictions – please note Thai National park authorities have prohibited speedboats from dropping anchors or alighting their passengers within Maya Bay indefinitely, therefore assisting with environmental regeneration of the Phi Phi Island location.

Simba’s Phi Phi sunrise tour involves an early start. Firstly, our Phi Phi island tour from Phuket leaves from the Royal Marina at 6am and arrives back by 2-2.30pm to avoid the crowds. This is AT LEAST 2 hours before most other companies start their Phuket boat tours to the Phi Phi islands. Keep in mind that over 10,000 visitors flock to Phi Phi every day in the high season. That’s a lot of people to share these small islands with! But not with our spacious speedboats! Enjoy a head start to your tour that will mean you won’t have to deal with the crowds.

To ensure the greatest experience possible, our Phi Phi island tour is very flexible. We juggle many variables (weather, tides, currents) to ensure you have the best experience possible. This may mean the omission of certain locations, but never at the expense of your enjoyment. Other companies may promise the world, but we and our tour guide staff deliver the ultimate Phi Phi experience!

Phi Phi Island Tour – What to expect

Our tour of the Phi Phi Islands is one of our most famous sightseeing tours and it is beloved by a lot of our guests. Simba Sea Trips have provided hundreds of people with the ability to discover the islands of Phi Phi in a relaxing manner that spans the entire day and is jam packed with amazing activities. The Phi Phi Island Tour is your gateway to blue horizons and unforgettable scenery. Take the boat trip of a lifetime by booking your seat for a magical adventure today!

Duration: approximately 7-8 hours on the water.

Please note: We cannot guarantee you will see the Sunrise on each trip and the timings for sunrises do vary. Also, cloudy days can make it difficult to see the sunrise.

Stop 1

Tours demand relaxation time - Bamboo Beach

On your way to Phi Phi Islands, visit the popular, idyllic and secluded Bamboo beach. Be the first to step foot off the boat and onto the beautiful sand on this sightseeing tour. We serve a yummy breakfast and swim for about 30 minutes, relax and take in the sights. Take your time to enjoy the island’s beauty at one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Stop 2

The Phi Phi Island tour’s emerald crown, Pileh Lagoon - Tide Dependent

Our next port of call on our sunrise tour, if tide allows, is Pileh Lagoon before the crowds arrive. It is a wonderful emerald green lagoon surrounded by high limestone cliffs on 3 sides, one of the world's most gorgeous natural swimming pools. Grab your action camera and film or take a photo of the extremely spectacular view of the emerald waters of the islands merging with the caves and the blue clear horizon as the speedboat coasts into the Lagoon.

Stop 3

Phi Phi Island Tour’s first glimpse of magic - Maya Bay

Phi Phi Maya Bay has been a "must sightseeing location" for hordes of Thailand tourists for decades and as such, has suffered from its overuse. Thankfully the National Park has now prohibited any boat from dropping anchor in the bay and alighting at the beach, to allow the gorgeous coral island treasures, wildlife and environment time to recover. At Simba, we are still able to drive the speedboat well inside the bay for some spectacular views and photo opportunities during the day trip.

Accordingly, this has little impact on the quality of this tour, as it is a tiny part of a 380Sq/km National Park. Every way you look, you see the magnificent natural beauty of Phi Phi Island's Maya Bay.

Stop 4

Experience the Phi Phi Islands from underwater - 1st Snorkeling Stop

Experience the Phi Phi Islands from underwater - 1st Snorkeling Stop
It is now time to explore the magical underwater world of Phi Phi Islands with some swimming and snorkeling during our speedboat tour.

We supply all your snorkeling equipment including fins and flotation aids such as life jackets and swim noodles. The staff are always there (in and out of the speedboat) ready to help any first timers with encouragement, advice and sometimes just a helping hand throughout the day tour.

In around Phi Phi waters, we are regularly visited by Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Whales and Reef Sharks. If you're lucky we may see these on the Phi Phi boat tour!

Stop 5

Phi Phi Islands have their secrets - Macaque Monkeys and the Viking Cave

During the speedboat tour, we will stop by one of the local beaches for a viewing of the monkey troops. For our own safety, we stay on the boat whilst viewing these cute Long-tailed Macaques on the monkey beach. For animal lovers, this is one of the favourite moments of our tours!

The Viking Cave is home to the special Birds’ Nests used to make Birds Nest Soup. It is not possible to enter this enormous cave but we will show you from the outside and you can witness the armed guards guarding the birds' nests from looters!

Stop 6

Islands and Crystal Waters - 2nd Snorkeling Stop

It's time to say hello to the fishes again with another snorkeling stop on our Phi Phi Island Tour. Or we can have an extended swim and relax on the beach. We are flexible with our speedboat tour itinerary to ensure that our Thailand guests have the best day possible.

Stop 7

Phi Phi Islands at their best - Koh Rang Yai

Our penultimate stop of the Phi Phi islands for some swimming and relaxation at an idyllic tropical island named Rang Yai. A well-kept secret you'll not want to leave! During the Phi Phi tour you will have the chance to see many glorious places, but make no mistake this amazing island is one of the best. The perfect way to build up your appetite for the final stop.

Stop 8

A taste of the Phi Phi Islands - Lunch time

Lunch at a seaside restaurant with all the flavours of the islands. Many have enjoyed the scrumptious family style lunch. Because Simba leaves early in the morning you’ll reach this beautiful beachside restaurant well before the crowds. The Phi Phi island boat tours enhance your culinary palette thanks to the unique island’s cuisine. Here, Thai Cooking takes its place front and centre. The meal is provided in one of the most beautiful island settings imaginable and will provide all the nourishment you need after a long day undertaking sea activities.


The Simba Phi Phi Speedboat Tours Include...

  • Snorkeling, a lagoon swim, Thai lunch, and a monkey beach Phi Phi experience
  • Free transfers from all recognised hotels in the Kata / Karon / Patong/Kamala/Surin/Bangtao area (we may be required to pass on surcharges for pick-ups in other areas; details are provided at the time of booking)
  • Soft drinks, water, fresh fruit and snacks
  • Complimentary use of Snorkeling equipment, floating aids and life jackets
  • Light breakfast, coffee and tea on the beach
  • Limited accident insurance
  • National Park Fees

The Phi Phi Islands are waiting for you. Book your Phi Phi Island Tour today!

Simba Sea Trips has been in the tour travel industry for many years now and has helped Phuket visitors experience the magic and allure of the Phi Phi islands. This is our main aim. As our tours conclude, the smiles on the faces of our guests are what makes us revel in what we do for a living. We hope you get to experience the same happiness by joining one of our next day trip tours.