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Phi Phi Sunrise – The Original

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6 islands make up this beautiful and world famous location, situated in the southeast Andaman Sea.

We concentrate our tour on the two main islands famous for their natural beauty and spectacular underwater scenery. Phi Phi Don, the largest island, is the only one of the six to have accommodation and its surrounding waters have been a Mecca for divers and snorkelers alike for well over 30 years.

Experience the most magnificent Phi Phi Island Tour! Six sensational islands make up this beautiful and world famous location, situated in the southeast Andaman Sea.

Adult price

4,400 THB (12yrs+)

Child price

2,950 THB (4yrs to 12yrs) discounted to 1500 Baht during 22nd Sep to Oct 14th


From 5:00am (note - 1,000 baht surcharge per vehicle for return transfer for hotels outside of Patong / Kata / Karon, Kamala, Surin, Bangtao)

Return transfer

Approximately 3:00pm to hotel

Tour Overview

Tour the beautiful islands surrounding Phuket

We concentrate our Phi Phi island tours on the two main islands that are world famous for their natural beauty and spectacular underwater scenery. Phi Phi Don, the largest island,has been a Mecca for people diving and snorkeling Phi Phi for well over 30 years. Phi Phi Leh is the smaller of the two main islands and is a highly desirable location for Maya Bay tours, the location where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed.

Update on Maya Bay Tours Closure: June 1st to October 31st – please note Thai National park authorities have mandated the closure of Maya Bay for this period to assist with regeneration.

Simba’s Phi Phi sunrise tour involves an early start. To begin, our Phi Phi island tour from Phuket leaves from the Royal Marina at 6-6.30am and arrives back by 2-2.30pm to avoid the crowds. This is AT LEAST 2 hours before most other companies start their Phuket to Phi Phi day trips. Keep in mind that over 10,000 visitors flock to Phi Phi every day in the high season. That’s a lot of people to share these small islands with!

To ensure the greatest experience possible, our Phi Phi island tour is very flexible. We juggle many variables to afford you the best experience possible. This may mean the omission of certain locations, but never at the expense of your enjoyment. Other companies may promise the world, but we deliver!

Duration: approximately 7-8 hours on the water.

Please note: We cannot guarantee you will see the Sunrise on each trip and the timings for sunrises do vary. Also, cloudy days can make it difficult to see the sunrise.

Stop 1

Maya Bay Tours - tide dependant for 1st stop (closed June to Sept)

Normally (however it is tide dependent) our first stop, Maya Bay was made famous by the 2000 film, "the Beach", starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This is a "must see" location for most tourists so it gets very busy. However, we usually arrive before everyone else so that you can immerse yourselves in the bay and take many photographs in the absence of the crowds. Please note the comments above re: the mandated closure from June to September. If this is our first stop we will enjoy a light breakfast on the beach.

Stop 2

Pileh Lagoon - tide dependent

Our next port of call, if the tide permits, is Pileh Lagoon. Among the Simba staff (on and off the boats) this is our favourite location on Phi Phi. It is a spectacular emerald green lagoon surrounded by high limestone cliffs on 3 sides, and is considered one of the worlds most gorgeous natural swimming areas. This location has become famous for our traditional jump off the front of the boat and, of course, that shot of yourself in mid-air (please take a look at our photo gallery). If you are less adventurous, you can simply use the steps at the side of the boat and enjoy these beautiful waters.

Stop 3

1st Snorkeling Stop

It is now time to explore the magical underwater world with some Phi Phi snorkeling. We have a few locations to choose from, Viking Cove, Loh Somah Bay, Dragon Lagoon, Straight Rock or Par Dang. Which location we choose will depend on the sea conditions, the tide and other tour groups that are around on the day. We supply all your snorkelling equipment including flippers (fins) and floatation aids such as life jackets and swim noodles. The staff are always there (in and out of the water) and are ready to help any first-timer with encouragement, advice and sometimes just a helping hand.

Stop 4

Monkey Beach and Viking Cave

Nothing beats a monkey beach Phi Phi experience. During the tour we will stop by one of the local ‘Monkey Beaches’ for a viewing of the monkeys. We respect that monkeys are wild animals and ask guests not to feed them, but we are sure you’ll get enough enjoyment simply watching them in their natural habitat. The Viking Cave is home to the special Birds Nests used to make Birds Nest Soup. It is not possible to enter this enormous cave but we will show you from the outside and you can see the armed guards guarding the birds nests from looters!

Stop 5

Picnic lunch on a beautiful secluded beach

The next stop on our Phi Phi island trip involves indulging in a tasty, authentic local Thai meal on a beautiful beach. Follow this by soaking up the sun while swimming, sunbathing and relaxing!

Stop 6

2nd Snorkeling Stop

After lunch it's time to say hello to the fishes again with another opportunity to experience snorkeling Phi Phi, that’s if we did not manage to squeeze 2 snorkels in before lunch! Or we can have an extended swim and relax on the beach. We are flexible with our itinerary to ensure the best day possible.


The Simba Phi Phi Island Tour Include...

  • Snorkeling, a lagoon swim, Thai picnic lunch, and a monkey beach Phi Phi experience
  • Free transfers from all recognised hotels in the Kata / Karon / Patong/Kamala/Surin/Bangtao area (we may be required to pass on surcharges for pick-ups in other areas; we will let you know at the time of booking)
  • Soft drinks, water, fresh fruit and snacks
  • Complimentary use of Snorkeling equipment, floating aids and life jackets
  • Light breakfast and afternoon tea on the beach
  • Limited accident insurance
  • National Park Fees