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Experience the beauty of Thailand all to yourself with a private charter boat Phuket tour with Simba Sea Trips! Select from 3 options to match your budget and plans.

Private boat charter tours are a fantastic way to explore the spectacular islands around Phuket in style, privacy and comfort.

Similar across all of our Phuket speed boat charters trips, we provide:
Professional and safe Boat crews with English speaking tour guides and the amazing customer service that makes Simba famous
• All the safety and other equipment you may need to enjoy your day on the water
• Plenty of delicious food and all the refreshing beverages you’ll need to keep you hydrated. (Specific inclusions differ between charter options).
Superior boats to all other Phuket boat operators that feature a premium club seating layout, designed specifically for sightseeing with a social seating arrangement
• All our boats are powered by High tech Honda V-TEC engines that are the quietest on the market, and the lowest in carbon emissions

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With a standard private boat Phuket tour, you get to dictate the pace and we can tailor a journey to suit your needs and requirements. The Phuket boat charter caters to couples looking for a romantic getaway, or family and friend groups of up to 18.
Choose between 5 private charter options. All of these options are designed to avoid the crowds.
Visit one of our 3 spectacular National Parks in the region. These follow our standard tour itineraries and are best seen early in the day.

Click these links for details on the 3 NATIONAL PARK itineraries.

1. PHI PHI SUNRISE 6:00 am
2. PHANG NGA and BEYOND 7:00 am
3. KRABI CLASSICS 06:30 am

Slightly shorter and more affordable plans.


We do encourage our guests to plan a similar Private Charter Phuket program to that of the itineraries shown above that Simba Sea Trips are renowned for.

Customize your Phuket Boat Charter Adventure

Of course we are able to customise and tailor your day out on the water if the above itineraries do not suit, and we are happy to fit in your special request wherever possible and are subject to availability.

To make your private boat charter as memorable as possible, make sure to ensure you take in the most memorable locations in the region. Need some help on where you should set sail for?

Consider the Phi Phi Islands on your Private Tour

There is a reason that most tourists love to travel to the Phi Phi Islands. Put simply, the crystal clear waters and spectacular waters are impossible to beat and a major reason why so many of our guests request a Phi Phi island private tour. Its popularity has soared since Maya Bay’s starring role in Hollywood hit movie ‘The Beach’ and a private speedboat Phuket to Phi Phi tour is high on most people’s wish list. The beauty of the Phi Phi Island Private Boat Tour is that you’ll get to experience the spectacular region largely in the absence of the crowds that you’d confront as part of a standard boat tour with other tour operators in the Phuket region.

Venture to James Bond Island on a Phang Nga Bay Private Tour

The other immensely popular destination is James Bond Island and many of our customers incorporate this stop onto their private boat charter itinerary. The popularity of a James Bond Island Private Tour is easy to understand. The scene of the Bond Classic, ‘Man with a Golden Gun’, this island location is as picturesque as it gets… anywhere in the world. While most private tours to James Bond Island start and finish at this location, with Simba this will just be one stop on a memorable journey through Phang Nga Bay and beyond! Choose between our morning program and enjoy a delicious lunch on a tropical island restaurant, or take in all the major sites of Phang Nga bay on our Sunset tour experiencing the amazing rock colours present late in the day. Also traverse through beautiful Mangrove tributaries in the far north of the stunning Phang Nga Bay Marine National Park, this is not included on the morning program.

Explore the Krabi Classics

Renowned for its majestic limestone cliffs, heavenly isles, and glorious mangrove forests, Krabi is a coveted Thai tourist destination. While the driving distance from Phuket to the Krabi islands exceeds 180 kms, journeying to this glorious region by boat requires traveling a much smaller distance of approximately 50 kms. Not only does a Krabi Island tour get you there quicker, but it also gets you there much, much earlier, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the magnificent surrounds of the region in the absence of sizeable crowds.
Krabi Boat tours cover all the key sites, including the beautiful rock formations at Koh Hong Krabi, the vivid green waters of the nearby Hong Lagoon, snorkeling at Chicken Island, the truly stunning Railay Beach and equally impressive Centara Resort. Revitalise your spirit with our Krabi tour, with breathtaking views and locations that forge memories that last a lifetime. The natural beauty of the islands we visit creates an experience that you will never forget.

Simba’s Coral Delight

Our popular coral delight program explores the region’s most beautiful coral reefs in the region that we know of, at Coral island and the private Mai Thon Island to the south of Phuket. We arrive and explore these beautiful reefs before the crowds of other tour boats arrive. Marvel at the awesome variety of fish and corals at these locations, and perhaps even sight a local dolphin pod which regularly inhabits the area. After snorkelling these two beautiful locations, lounge around in the sea at the cliff base of majestic limestone karsts that makes this region famous, just like you would see at the Phi Phi islands and Phang Nga National parks. Our day is completed with a nice relaxing lunch and beach stop at a picturesque and rustic tropical island, Koh Rang Yai.

Pricing will be dependent on season, preferred itinerary and total passenger numbers.


Standard Private Charter Boat Phuket tours. Include:

  • Use of our Seat Boat 359, with premium club seating layout, designed specifically for sightseeing
  • Fuel, set destination, captain and seaman
  • Snorkeling/cave exploring equipment, floating aids and life jackets
  • Soft drinks, water, snacks, fresh fruit & lunch
  • Limited Accident insurance
  • Return transfers to your accommodation
  • National Park fees

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A luxury private charter by Simba Sea Trips provides an unforgettable and intimate experience on the water with professional crews and tour guides. The luxury private charter boat Phuket tour takes place aboard the award winning Sealine SC35 with its daringly different styling and luxurious and spacious deck and lounge area. Our charters cater to couples who want to escape for a romantic getaway and for family and friend groups of up to 8 in the most luxurious style, privacy and comfort. As with all of our trips, we provide English speaking tour guides, all the appropriate safety gear and other equipment you may need plus a light breakfast, lunch and beverages.

Since this tour is a Private Yacht Charter Phuket tour, the itinerary depends on you… As a general rule we suggest following a similar program to the tours that Simba Sea trips has become famous for (see tours section). Feel free to choose between Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Islands or Krabi.

Please note: The Phi Phi islands and Krabi itineraries incur a 2000 Baht fuel surcharge due to the extra distance travelled.


Luxury Private Charter Boat Phuket tours include:

  • Use of our luxurious Sealine SC35
  • Fuel, set destination, captain and seaman
  • Snorkeling/cave exploring equipment, floating aids and life jackets
  • Soft drinks, water, snacks, fresh fruit & lunch
  • Limited Accident insurance
  • Return transfers to your accommodation
  • National Park fees

What might your private boat Phuket tour look like?

Your day starts with a private pickup from any hotel within the island of Phuket, at whatever time you would like to start the day. We suggest very early departures for the morning programs as this is the best way to see our stunning sights before all the hordes of tourists arrive. Therefore, we recommend starting the morning tours between 6am and 730am.

On arrival at our office in Royal Phuket Marina, we serve coffee and some light food, while our Tour Guide will give you a thorough briefing of the day ahead.

The available itineraries are too many to list here, but generally you have the options of snorkelling, canoeing, caving and swimming activities to choose from. All our programs feature world class sightseeing of course, with the limestone Karsts this region is famous for, being prominent on all programs.

At the end of the day, your personal chauffeur will return you back to your accommodation.
Our 3 national Park tours are on average 10 hours duration door to door from your resort or villa, whilst our slightly shorter Coral Delights and Phang Nga Sunset programs are approximately 6 to 8 hours in duration.