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Join Simba Sea Trips on a journey to one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Thailand as we travel to the epic Cheow Lan Lake as part of one of our stunning Khao Sok National Park tours. Enjoy the nature of Khao Sok first hand , enjoying the  vistas of amazing jungle wilderness, embracing the beautiful nature that surrounds the amazing Khao Sok National Park. This is the home of some of the oldest rainforests in Thailand and the area contains staggering beauty that will ensure you form memories to last a lifetime.

Simba Sea Trips are the first tour operator to offer adventure seekers a full day trip from Phuket to Khao Sok National Park. Here, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the spectacular beauty of our Cheow Lan Lake tour and its surrounds. This is clearly one of the most comprehensive Khao Sok National Park tours available.

Tour Overview

The life-changing Khao Sok Tour

As you will see when you cross the Sarasin Bridge off Phuket Island, the roads are quiet, there are very few tourists, the air is fresh, and the scenery is spectacular! The Khao Sok Lake tour and exploring the surrounding area are definitely worth the journey. We ensure ample opportunities are given to stretch the legs by breaking the journey up with activities and stops on both the trip from Phuket to Khao Sok and on the return back to the mainland. If you love traveling and experiences, take your family, friends or significant other and join us for the trip of a lifetime. Book your day tour today and get ready to explore the Khao Sok area with skilled and knowledgeable a personnel that has been doing this for several years. We love to see our visitors spend their days in Thailand with our tours and join us for full day tours, test their skill of exploration and share their experiences and memories for the rest of their lives.

Below is a sample itinerary and general overview of the places we visit on this trip.

Duration: 12 hours (approximately)

Stop 1

Wat Suwan Kuha Temple

Khao Sok

Our tour begins by crossing the Seresin Bridge into Phang Nga Province (the mainland province adjoining Phuket). Here we journey to our first stop, Wat Suwan Kuha Temple. This is an immense natural limestone cave that contains an impressive reclining Buddha within and is a wonder to behold. Many wild monkeys make the mountains around the cave their home, and seeing these animals in their natural habitat is a favorite moment for many of our guests. We will stop here to stretch our legs and provide you with ample opportunity to take photos or grab a coffee from the local vendors.

Stop 2

Wat Bang Riang Temple

Khao Sok Tour: Horizon Meets Beauty

As we travel further into the jungle, the air becomes fresher by the second and we are surrounded by lush mountain greenery. We visit the visually stunning Bang Riang Temple which is located high up in the mountains. A true highlight, this peaceful temple is very pleasing to the eye. A lofty white Pagoda lies outside, with colorful rooms inside depicting Buddha's story in art. The views from the Pagoda area are breathtaking and make for the perfect photo opportunity. Due to the hard-to-reach location of Bang Riang Temple, it is not as busy as other popular tourist destinations in the region so you’ll likely have plenty of space to take in the sights. Here, we will find a quiet spot for some breakfast and relaxation time.

Stop 3

Cheow Lan Lake Tour

Khao Sok Tour: Breathtaking Lake views

The highlight of the trip - the unforgettable Cheow Lan Lake. The unique nature of the lake is guaranteed to leave you breathless. Limestone rocks protrude right out from the water, while the water in the lake is both clear and warm. As part of our Cheow Lan Lake tour, we will journey around the lake on a local longtail boat, giving you the opportunity to take pictures and soak up its majestic beauty.

Stop 4

Luxury Floating Restaurant

Khao Sok Tour: Floating Thai Flavours

The next stage of our Khao Sok National Park Tours leads to a dining experience at ‘Panvaree The Greenery’, a luxurious floating restaurant. Here, tour guests are able to enjoy a delicious Thai lunch in a unique location that can only be described as incredible.

Stop 5

Relax after lunch at Panvaree The Greenery

Khao Sok Tour: Soak in the Beauty and Relax

After lunch, we’ll enjoy leisure time at the floating resort by Swimming or Kayaking around the lake or simply chilling out. Following an afternoon of relaxing, we’ll then make the journey back to the mainland where you’ll have plenty of time to look over the photos you have taken and to relive your memories of the day with your fellow travelers.


Khao Sok National Park Tours tour includes…

  • Free transfers from all recognised hotels in the Kata / Karon / Patong area (we may be required to pass on surcharges for pick-ups in other areas; we will let you know at the time of booking)
  • Water, fresh fruit and snacks
  • Life jackets
  • Light breakfast
  • Restaurant Lunch
  • Limited accident insurance
  • National Park Fees

Participate in Khao Sok National Park Tours

Our Khao Sok National Park tours are carefully planned to incorporate all the best sites and scenes that our guests would expect as part of a tour of this wondrous region. Our company ethos is set around ensuring our guests receive the best possible experience from any of our tours. And the Khao Sok National Park tour certainly delivers! This national park tour provides you with a gateway to some of the most breathtaking scenery you are ever likely to see. From the beautiful jungle paths within the national park, to tours of the majestic temples and spectacular Cheow Lan Lake, you will not be disappointed. Then indulge in a delightful meal at a popular Thai restaurant prior to taking a well-earned break before the comfortable journey home. Trust us, Khao Sok offers the relaxation you require with all the beauty you’d expect to see.

Share your experience with some of the most amazing photos that will include magical places packed with amazing views of nature from the land the water and the never-ending horizons. Join activities and create memories that will last a lifetime. Explore the breathtaking Khao Sok national park, experience the wildlife and the forest and walk through sceneries that can only be found in movies and dreams. Partake in the good, the kind people of Thailand and help yourself to one of the most amazing destinations on the planet. In addition to this, live the experience with a skilled guide and your will of exploration. Float on the lake of the Khao Sok National Park, soak in the beauty and enjoy your trip in a peaceful place in the hot but gentle weather of Phuket and make this year one to remember.

Book your tour with Simba Sea Trips and experience the ‘real’ Phuket today.